Bag Tags

Bag Tags

These bag tags are intended to give swimmers individualized goals and motivation to accomplish the goals that allows for growth.

The bag tags are encouraged to be put on swimmers' swim bags to allow the goals to visible when getting in or out of the pool. Ideally these tags will be taken to practice and to meets, so swimmers can see their goals very easily.

Having goals in swimming is very important to swimmers. It gives them something work towards in their season. 

Swimmers will have the opportunity to set 2 of their own goals to achieve throughout the season. In addition to those 2 goals the age group coach will give a swimmer specific, attainable goal to accomplish by the end of the season that will allow swimmers to grow their abilities. 

At the bottom of the tag there are also badges that can be used to push swimmers for some more goals. 

Rewards for accomplishing goals and badges are coming soon!